Sexting is just a 21 st -century neologism and portmanteau of “sex” and “texting” that identifies the social change of self-produced sexualized texts and most importantly pictures.

Keyword phrases sexting; sexually explicit user created content; cellular phone; gender; bullying; news training


(pictures, videos) via mobile phone or the internet (Albury, Crawford, Byron, & Mathews, 2013; Calvert, 2009; Chalfen, 2009; Ferguson, 2011; Katzman, 2010; Pew analysis Center, 2009). As mobile phones as well as other cellular devices today are ubiquitous and usually include a camera in addition to a photo texting solution (MMS) and on occasion even a internet that is full it’s easier than in the past to make and distribute self-made images including sexualized self-portraits. Some are taken in swimwear or in underwear, some are topless/semi-nude, some are naked pictures of body parts or your whole human body, and some depict sexual activities (age.g on the list of various types of self-produced revealing cell phone photos. masturbation). The spectral range of phrase is hence reasonably big, while the level of sexualization quite variable and sometimes low (Calvert, 2009; Mitchell, Finkelhor, Jones, & Wolak, 2012). Continue reading