Within also worked with U2 on their ‘Song for Someone’, so viewers could sit with Bono in their living room. This first-person ghost story sends you into a haunted mansion on the evening of an approaching storm.

The workers are tasked with doing different things based on the level you are playing at. The list is all about the best casual games that are available on the mobile platform. Casual games are just like they sound, you don’t really need a lot of brain activity to play the games.

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While developer Telltale Games closed in September 2018, unfortunately, you can still download its excellent episodic adventure games on Android TV. The Wolf Among Us is one of its best. Based on DC Vertigo’s award-winning Fables comic book series, it follows fairy tale gumshoe, Bigby Wolf, as he investigates a gruesome murder. Like most Telltale titles, it features deft storytelling, excellent voice acting, and harrowing moral choices. Several other Telltale games are available for Android TV as well, and they’re all worth checking out. There are several reasons why you might want to download an APK instead of getting the complete file from Play. It could be that the app isn’t available in your area, like if you want to download Hulu but aren’t in the US, or the app developer doesn’t want to submit their app to Google’s terms.

  • In another update, the game offered its first-ever upgradable player outfit with the new Golden Pharaoh X-Suit.
  • While many of the licensed titles, like Ubisoft’s games, aren’t present, what is provided is a solid selection of classic mobile games from the Gameloft library, and they are all free to play.
  • Races are extremely competitive, and find you fending off crazed opponents by way of cunning maneuvers and unsportsmanlike weapons, in a mad dash to the finish line.

I played Asphalt 9, Madden NFL Mobile, and Fifa Mobile on both emulators, and had a great time. https://apkoid.mobi There were a few instances of lag, but not enough to cause any real problems with gameplay. The emulators loaded quite quickly, but launching a game took a while. However, once it started, it ran almost as quickly as it does on my phone.

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The game consists of over 200 single-player campaign missions and many multiplayer game modes such as Duel, Ascendancy, Elimination, and Dungeons. Providing Both relaxing and feel-good vibes, Pocket Camp will be an essential new game to add to your collection.