Watch out for Daniel Coffman claims to be a Phd. pharmacist working separately from brooklyn nyc.

Has child Melissa “Mel” living in Aberdeen Scotland together with her grandmother. He’ll inform you their girlfriend that is former Courtney a drug addict as well as the relationship dropped through. HE IS A FRAUD WORKING TOGETHER WITH NIGERIANS.

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Shirley, that exact exact same guy John Sterman played exactly the same track to my mom he’s been telling her this exact same crap for the 12 months now and keeps telling her he has scheduled their trip in the future be because he owes his company money for room and board he is a real bottom feeder with her and then sends a text message saying he cannot leave the country. I recently splashed him away on facebook. did you attempt to register any costs we have been considering publishing most of their information to your FBI to see should they can stop their activities that are vicious. Continue reading