Only for a full minute, why don’t we place ourselves into the footwear of victims of gender-based physical violence. Imagine a new immigrant girl who just hardly talks Canada’s formal languages.

If she talks one among the 2 languages, it could be hard for her to comprehend each of our bills and rules. She must protect herself in a complicated justice system and deal with immigration rules which are difficult to comprehend. Some help is needed by her. Alternatively, the federal government will tell her that just exactly what this woman is doing is barbaric and therefore this woman is the problem. For years and years we’ve been hearing that ladies are to be blamed for violence against ladies.

This young immigrant girl will need to fight even harder against a federal federal government that may tear apart her family members, deport her or separate her from her kiddies. Which is not the solution that is right. Gender-based physical violence is a tremendously issue that is serious and we also cannot exploit these victims’ misery with regard to meaningless sensationalism. The victims of gender-based violence—primarily women and children—need help, help and attention. Continue reading