25+ Greek Mythology Names for females (Greek Goddess Names)

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Naming a young child is generally very tasking for moms and dads but you will find nevertheless particular techniques to get this burden lighter. Among the most effective ways to do this, is always to slim the options to a particular category or naming.

Here are some Greek that is unique mythology woman names and definitions that may attract you. Also checkout greek mythology names for men.


In Greek Acantha means “pickle or thorn” and it absolutely was the title of nymph. Due to the meaningful nature associated with the title, it may be a great tribute up to a Grandma Rose.


Alala ended up being considered to be the goddess of war-cry when you look at the mythology of Greek. She ended up being known as the daughter of Polemos who was simply usually regarded as the daemon of war. The title Alala is great celebrity title. The title hails from the screeches an owl makes.


Althea means “healing energy” in Greek. It’s a poetic title and is usually found in Greek fables and poetry. Some famous characters whom bear this name are Althea Gibson that is thought to be initial African United states winner at Wimbledon.


She had been the child of Cassiopeia and had been greatly admired because she had great beauty. The title does mean advising like a person in Greek language. Continue reading