‘Neighbours Have Actually Made Assumptions That I’m Merely The Husband’s Flatmate’ – The Truth Of Being In A Mixed-Race Wedding

Racist asides at supper events and being spat at in the pub – Tineka Smith in the everyday challenges of experiencing a marriage that is interracial.

It is known that love is amongst the purest things you can ever hold and bestow. It’s sort, it does not envy, it does not boast also it rejoices in fact. The Beatles once sang: ‘All you require is love.’ Yet one of the most flimsy, if you don’t pernicious, of most these romanticised notions is love does not ‘see’ color. I am aware the explanation with this idea: just just how young kids can form friendships without competition being a concern, and just how two different people can fall in love regardless of the hidden systems which make interracial relationships nevertheless feel unsatisfactory in 2021. Continue reading