Notes from each city hall

Overviews regarding the city halls are below. Click the name for the PDF associated with the records through the breakout sessions at each and every city hallway.

June 23 – Money speaks We examined how exactly to strengthen training, medical care, son or daughter care along with other solutions which help Alabamians pay the bills. So we explored methods to fund those ongoing solutions more equitably.

July 7 – Justice for all We discussed Alabama’s unjust criminal justice system and exactly how to repair it.

July 21 – Getting Discussion that is civic focused protecting voting liberties and boosting Census reactions within a pandemic.

Aug. 4 – provided success We looked over policy approaches to improve possibility and protect families from financial exploitation.

Aug. 18 – Feeding our families We explored how to increase home meals protection after and during the recession.

Sept. 1 – shutting the protection space Discussion centered on exactly how everybody else might help expand Medicaid to make sure protection for thousands and thousands of struggling Alabamians. Continue reading