Hampton set to rename 5 schools called for servant owners, Confederates and segregationists

HAMPTON — On Nov. 11, 1929, previous Phoebus officer Emil Umlauf and Annie Whitehead had been hitched in nyc. a days that are few, these were arrested in Phoebus because of it.

Umlauf was white. Whitehead ended up being Ebony. Virginia legislation banned interracial marriage. On 23, 1930, they appeared before Circuit Court Judge C. Vernon Spratley, who dismissed the charge of “miscegenation” due to a lack of evidence that they planned to live together in Virginia april.

But Spratley rebuked a teary-eyed umlauf in the courtroom, in accordance with frequent Press reports, saying the wedding had been a “detriment into the community.” He ordered the 2 to go out of Virginia by 9 p.m.

Spratley could be the namesake of Spratley Gifted Center, certainly one of five schools Hampton class Board people want renamed. At a unique conference tuesday, class Board people talking the very first time in months about renaming agreed they would like to see at the least those names changed.

“These things have actually definitely been troubling inside our college unit through the years, and I also think it is time that people go into considering changing these names,” said Richard Mason. “We need to go more in direction of equity since it pertains to that and eliminate this institutional racism.”

The schools consist of:

  • John B. Cary Elementary
  • John Tyler Elementary
  • Spratley Gifted Center
  • Tucker-Capps Elementary Fundamental
  • Booker Elementary

The board didn’t simply just take any action that is formal, the very first time this has publicly talked about the problem in months. Per board policy, they’ll need to hold a general public hearing before renaming any schools. Continue reading